Grand View Outdoors had the chance to test out the new Wireless Trophy Cam from Bushnell this hunting season, and what we’ve found is the system works great and is really easy to use.

The thing that makes this camera different from others like it is that Bushnell has done most of the setup work for you. The Wireless Trophy Cam comes pre-packaged with a data plan using the latest wireless technology, so there’s no need to set up your own separate account with a wireless provider. The Wireless Trophy Cam has one month of pre-paid data on it, so you’re ready to go literally right out of the box.


Bushnell has also set up a user-friendly online account manager that lets you preview your images and change settings on the camera from your desktop. And a iOS and Android app allows you to see images and change settings on the go. The system works so well, it’s hard to concentrate during work when those images come in…trust me on that! So be sure to check out the Wireless Trophy Cam from Bushnell. It works great and lets you keep track of game on your land without ever having to leave home.