If you’ve ever forgotten ammo, sleeping bag or dog (yep, I’ve done all three) on a hunting trip, this list is dedicated to you. NASA doesn’t launch a space shuttle without a checklist, neither should you start a hunt without the confidence that comes from knowing you have all the necessary gear.

Thanks to all the viewers, blog subscribers and seminar attendees who have helped add to this list over the years. While you may not need all of this stuff on every trip, some of it will come in handy on most trips – unless you forgot it. From the feedback I’ve gotten, the only item not on the list that you might need is the semi-truck to haul it all!

I try to keep this list updated at my blog: www.scottlindenoutdoors.com. It’s a free download, so check in periodically, print it out and keep it handy. Here are some items from my list that you many not have thought of including in your list:

Dog: Tie-out stake, brush or comb for tangles and burrs, tick removal tool, chew toy.

Camp: Bungee cords, lawn chairs, shovel. RV: Spare keys, wheel chocks.

Hunt: Choke tubes and wrench, soft case or sock, water bladder or bota, landowner gifts, plastic zippered bags for cleaned birds, sunblock.

Transport: Spare serpentine belt, emergency tire inflator, windshield ice scraper, spare fuses and bulbs, tire chains.

And of course, who leaves home without that miracle life-saver and embarrassment eliminator … duct tape?

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