Elite Archery has released its two latest bows: the 2015 Synergy and Victory.

According to Elite, the Synergy may just be the most shootable bow the company has ever offered.

Elite 2015 BowsThe Synergy – described as a true hunter's bow – sacrifices nothing in the pursuit of the ultimate shooting experience. Measuring 33.5 inches from axle to axle, the Synergy occupies the "sweet spot" between the Energy 32 and 35. An incredibly forgiving 7.375-inch brace height and extremely stable geometry make this bow perfect for both hunting and 3-D archery, while its mid-sized measurements and 4.4-pound mass weight allow for a steady hold on the range and extreme maneuverability for tricky treestand and ground-blind shots. Supported by Elite's exclusive Riser Cage design, the Synergy's backbone provides balanced energy distribution to the beyond-parallel limbs and ultra-smooth Synergy two-track cam system. With impressive speeds of 325 feet per second IBO, the Synergy maximizes the critical combination of smooth and speed in one shootable package.

"Each year we are challenged to engineer and design improvements to the 'World's' Most Shootable Bows," said Elite Archery President Pete Crawford. "Last year, while we were designing the extremely successful Energy series, we came across some things we knew would make our 2015 bow even more shootable. We learned we could make our draw cycle ridiculously easy and not sacrifice any performance. We wanted to stay true to our hunting roots by providing a generous brace height, amazing draw cycle and world-class performance. In 2015 we set out to own shootability, and we have done it in a convincing way with the Synergy."

Upgraded features like a new-and-improved string-suppressor system, LimbSaver Broadband dampeners and premium Winner's Choice Custom Bow Strings heighten the Synergy's appeal. Also new are cams, modules, cable rods and limb pockets coated in Elite's exclusive new ultra-matte and ultra-durable Pro Kote finish.

Meanwhile, the 2015 Victory promises to be Elite's most advanced target bow to date.

Like the Synergy, the Victory was designed with extreme shootability in mind. The Victory's enhanced geometry and machined integral grip (no side plates) provide a stable platform for torque-free shooting. Dual straight and 10-degree down stabilizer mounts and two rear stabilizer-mounting positions allow shooters options for customized balance, while a new reinforced Riser Cage maintains a rigid riser with maximum energy transfer to the parallel limbs. Elite's new Victory Cam system with adjustable color-coded O-ring draw stops allows shooters to customize the cam's valley for incredible personalization and unrivaled feel. Elite 2015 Bows

The ultra-forgiving Victory measures 39 inches from axle to axle, has a 7-inch brace height, weighs in at 4.5 pounds and boasts speeds of 325 feet per second.

"The 2014 target season was a huge success for Elite and our target archery team," Crawford said. "Led by Levi Morgan, Elite Archery made a big impression in the U.S. and globally. Whether it was 3-D or Indoor events, Elite was there, making podiums and winning tournaments. With input from our internal team and the world-class archers that shoot for us, we are excited to announce the 2015 Victory, the best aiming bow we have ever made. It seems to hold on target forever. Levi and the rest of our team dominated with an Energy 35 hunting bow. The Victory is designed to win tournaments, increase scores and inspire confidence in all the archery games. As an added bonus, it may be the fastest target bow in its class! 2015 will be the year of Elite and the Victory target bow."

Additional new features include Elite's redesigned string-suppressor system, LimbSaver Broadband dampeners and premium Winner's Choice Custom Bow Strings constructed with extremely stable BCY-X materialin coordinating colors that match the Victory's eye-catching finishes.

To learn more about the 2015 Elite bows, check out this video about the Synergy at http://vimeo.com/107848229 or this video about the Victory at http://vimeo.com/107878032. For more information about Elite, visit www.elitearchery.com.