Technological advancement has been kind to crossbows over the years, and today’s models are considerably lighter, slimmer and more balanced. All that technology isn’t cheap, but you’ll find a model in every price range that will suit your needs.

An August 2015 pronghorn hunt in Wyoming gave me the perfect chance to test Barnett’s latest model, the BC (Buck Commander) Raptor Reverse. Table Mountain Outfitters’ Angie Denny set me up in a ground blind overlooking a waterhole on a blistering 95-degree day. You can see how it turned out in the video, but suffice it to say the crossbow more than did its job — and was easy to maneuver and manipulate inside the confines of a blind.

Check out the video for a full review of the Barnett BC Raptor Reverse, including specs and MSRP.