Shimmering in the broadhead limelight since 2005, Rage continues to be an ultra-popular quiver liner. Boasting a stellar cast of accurate, dependable and devastating models, Rage has cooked up another killer.

A late-July launch, the Rage 3 Blade with KORE technology sports an enhanced geometric design with CNC machined cavities, and its stainless steel ferrule and blades are said by Rage to make the head nearly indestructible.

“It’s advanced space-aged design gives the head six distinct and independent cutting surfaces that will blast a devastating hole in the intended target,” said Rage spokesman Mike Wiseman. “Unlike some of our previous models, the head is very compact and boasts an all-steel design.”

Fitted with a trio of .35-inch razor-sharp barbless stainless steel blades, Rage’s shiny new penny promises a 1.6-inch cutting diameter and was designed not to hang up inside the body cavity. A complete pass-through increases blood loss, and Rage strives to give hunters the red carpet treatment.

“The testing data we have on the new 3 Blade KORE is incredible,” Wiseman added. “The flight characteristics of this head with a standard IBO setup showed improved downrange accuracy due to the shorter, more compact ferrule.”

Always a concern with mechanical broadheads, Rage went the extra mile to prevent inflight blade deployment.

“Rage’s exclusive Shock Collar not only adds tremendous blade retention, but also ensures explosive, dynamic blade opening upon impact. This results in catastrophic hemorrhaging.

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