Heeding the call for highly-adjustable and technology-rich bows at a reasonable price, Bear Archery brings to market its new-for-2015 Cruzer bow package.

“The big story with this bow is adjustability,” said Bear’s Jason Pickerill. “This is a boy-to-man or girl-to-woman type of rig. It boasts an incredible 65 pounds of draw weight adjustment and its draw length ranges from 12 inches all the way up to 30 inches. Not many bows come with adjustability like this.”

Aside from the size adjustments, the Cruzer sports an all-new MV Cam system. Designed to be both fast and smooth, the dual-cams ensure draw length adjustments can be made without a bow press — big news for those who don’t have a pro shop close to home.

“Ultimately, this is a family bow,” Pickerill continued. “I have a tribe of kids and since this bow is adjustable from five pounds of draw weight all the way up to 70 pounds, they can keep adjusting and shooting as they grow.”

Bearing a $399.99 price tag and available in right- and left-hand models, the story doesn’t end with the Cruzer’s high-tech engineering. The Cruzer is setup to shoot right out of the package.

“We wanted to outfit the bow with accessories, but not just any accessories, top-end accessories. Of course, the rest on the bow is our dependable Whisker Biscuit, but the other accessories are new-for-2015 items,” Pickerill said. “Bowhunters are really going to appreciate the Joker 4 Pin sight, 5-Spot adjustable quiver and Dart stabilizer.”

Said to hit speeds of 310 feet per second, Bear engineers gave the Cruzer a 6.5-inch brace height and a mass weight of 3.6 pounds.

“That’s what I love about this bow. We aren’t marketing this rig as a kid or an adult bow. This is a bow anyone can shoot,” Bear says. “It’s light enough, and with the 6.5-inch brace height, forgiving enough for any shooter.”

Pickerill also outlined some of the future versions of the bow for 2015.

“Staring in the fall the Cruzer will be available in an array of colors, and the colors are just awesome,” he said. “I’ve seen what the color packages look like firsthand, and they are really going to turns some heads.

For more information about the new Bear Cruzer, visit www.beararcheryproducts.com.