Inexpensive, simple and an absolute must on any backcountry venture are Nite Ize Gear Ties. Offered in an array of sizes, these reusable rubber twist ties serve a variety of purposes. The great thing about the ties is the fact you can twist them, tie them and reuse them. They are lite, take up zero room in a pack or pannier and are extremely durable. My Nite Ize arsenal totals 13 and I’ve had most of them for at least two years.

I like the 64-inch ties for horse-pack-in adventures and backpack adventures alike. I’ve used them to make saddle repairs, replace a broken sleeping bag tie-down, and the list goes on. In addition to the larger ties, I keep several of the smaller ties in my pack. They are great when a pack zipper breaks, to hang a light inside your tent and keep equipment tidy and rattle free.

The Nite Ize booth was a hopping joint throughout the SHOT Show. The manufacturer was giving away free samples, and just as I suspected, I saw them being used all over the show. I even saw a guy attach a few together to create a makeshift belt.

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