As a hunter, what you put on your feet is important. Get a nasty blister and your off-the-beaten-path, dream adventure will quickly turn into a nightmare. You simply can’t cut corners when it comes to what you place on your feet. Choosing the right boot can mean the difference between success and failure – having an enjoyable hunt or a miserable one.

Constantly striving for maximum functionality, Under Armour’s new Fat Tire GTX Boot is simply remarkable and is sure to only strengthen the manufacturer’s already legendary name. A groundbreaking outside-the-box boot inspired by Fat Tire mountain biking technology, the GTX was designed to conform to any terrain while promising maximum support.

“What we did was we integrated the Fat Tire mountain biking technology that is used out West and married that with the Michelin based rubber technology used in Michelin Tires,” said Under Armour’s Clay Hanback. “Michelin makes incredible tires and the boots even showcase the Michelin brand on the bottom. These boots aren’t going to roll, they are simply going to go with and match the terrain.”

The boots are super light and sport a welded synthetic and textile upper, as well as a BOA speed closure system. The BOA system is fast and extremely simple to operate, and ensures the maximum amount of tension is placed around the ankle. Other notable features of these $200 MSRP boots are the UA Charge foam cushioning system and Cupron anti-bacterial copper infused sock liner top cover.

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