Proper vision – seeing the target early and clearly – is one of the keys to consistently busting clay targets at the range, whether for fun or in competition. RE Ranger provides a wide range of eyewear to assist shooters, and their latest offering, the Falcon Sport, aims to increases field of view and comfort.

The Falcon Sport boasts a new nose bridge design that removes the normal bridge metal ‘V’, providing a greater unobstructed the field of vision. And because it is pliable, shooters can customize their fit simply and easily. Another new aspect of the frame is the bendable ‘flexi-tip’ sport temples, which allow fine adjustments ultimate comfort and fit.

The Falcon Sport frame comes in two metal finishes – 23k Rose Gold Satin and Black Onyx – and features an electroplating finish for extreme durability.

MSRP for the Falcon Sport, available in late May, is $249 and includes one lens from among HD Copper or HD Dark.

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