: It’s not often that a clay target throwing machine makes you smile, but a first glance at the Crazy Quail Mini made me do just that.

The Crazy Quail Mini is an ingenious clay target thrower created by a couple self-proclaimed technology geeks who also happen to love to shoot. Built on a compact mobile frame and customized with any trap machine an individual wants to install, the Mini promises versatility and hours of fun.

The base is controlled by a wireless remote joystick that allows targets to be thrown 360 degrees in any direction, with 20 degrees of vertical lift, all from a distance of up to ½ mile. What’s really unique about the system, however, is the advanced controls offered via an iPhone app with Bluetooth connectivity.

The app allows shooters to create their own flurries, including angle of flight, direction and rate of release, press “go”, put the phone away and just concentrate on shooting. Want to challenge your buddies or other shooters to better your score? Save and share your own “course” using the app.

The Crazy Quail Mini is an ideal machine for gun clubs, and would also be a lot of fun for individuals.

For more information and some entertaining videos of the Mini and its big brother, the Quad, visit www.crazyquail.com.