Aimpoint Inc. unveiled the newest additions to their product lineup at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV this week. The aptly named Flipmount and accompanying Aimpoint 3X-C, 3XMAG-1 and 6XMAG-1, were shown to media and journalists at a private press conference, showcasing the company’s desire to venture into new markets.

Though functionally identical, the 3XMAG-1 and 3X-C differ in a few crucial areas. The new 3XMAG-1 is built with military and law enforcement consumers in mind, whereas the 3X-C is geared more towards hunters and civilians. Both magnifiers use an armored outer shell to protect against trauma and accidental dropping, but the 3XMAG’s outer casing is more robust. The other major difference is the range across which the diopter is adjustable. The Civilian model can go from -2 to +2 whereas the military version’s dioptric varies from -3 to +3. Both are compatible with all Aimpoint reflex sights.

The other new optic is the 6xMAG-1. This model offers six times magnification at a considerably higher price point of around $900. This model isn’t ready for production yet, so while the 3X magnifiers will hit shelves in the next month or so, the 6X likely won’t be available for purchase until Summer of 2016.

The last new item added to the Aimpoint catalogue is the Aimpoint Flipmount. This quick detach 30mm mount is designed specifically for the new magnifiers, but fits any 30mm optic. It allows shooters to quickly flip their sight or magnifier out of the way when not necessary or if it becomes damaged.