A company that needs no introduction, Hunter Safety System was literally started by accident. Brothers John and Jerry Wydner, and lifelong friend Jim Barta, roamed the woods together since childhood. Hunting and fishing was their passion, but in the year 2000, John found himself clinging to a tree as his stand went crashing to the earth below. Terrified, bloody, and shaken, John slithered down the trunk, the thought of how close he was to serious injury, even death, at the forefront of his mind.

That evening the trio’s hunting camp had a new focus—a focus on how to make a safety harness that was easy to put on and comfortable to wear. A short time later, John located a sewing factory and a prototype was developed. Then in late 2001, John, Jerry, and Jim began selling their vests with the vision of eliminating treestand accidents in the field. Since that time HSS has unveiled a number of successful vest models that have prevented the untimely death of many hunters, and according to HSS marketing manager Nick Andrews, 2013 is no different.

“We are excited to announce our new Hunter Safety System Elite,” said Andrews. “While many companies have been focusing on making harnesses as ‘bare-bones’ as possible, we decided to create the most-functional vest ever invented. The Elite weighs less than three pounds, and features the patented HSS system harness that eliminates dangling straps, and weaving through buckles. We gave the Elite a newly designed tether strap that absorbs more shock, but is also very light. Loaded with features—including high-performance smart fabrics that are durable and silent—this vest is one we expect great things from.”

Other notable features of the HSS Elite include the easy-out, two-way zipper designed to protect the waist buckle—as well as eliminate the possibility of your binos or other accessories knocking against it and creating a game-spooking noise. The brushed micro-tricot shell is quiet and keeps you warm and dry on stand, and the “Right-Fit” zone is designed to hug the body in a smooth, snug manner.

“Another product that is growing in popularity and is something every hunter should have on their stands is the Lifeline,” Andrews noted. “Eighty-six percent of all treestand accidents happen while ascending to the stand, getting into or out of the stand, and descending back down. The HSS Lifeline is the only product designed to keep hunters totally safe from the time they leave the ground until the time they return.

“Lastly, one of our hottest products is the Hunter Safety System Hybrid. This product combines the lightweight aspects of our Ultra Lite X-Treme models with a total of six pockets for all the essential gear one needs in the stand.”

Looking to 2014 and beyond, things at HSS look better than ever. Recently, HSS announced a new management team that elevated Michael Wydner to the position of national sales manager, and Nick Andrews to the position of marketing manager. In addition, Darrin Durham was hired as production manager. HSS believes that this new team will inspire fresh ideas and work well alongside the rest of the internal team and the many popular professional hunters who endorse Hunter Safety System.

Andrews also had this to add about the future of HSS: “We have been increasing investments into our digital environment in order to provide our consumers with better information and better products. We recently topped 300,000 fans on Facebook and continue to out-pace the industry with our social media platform. And, of course, we are in full development of our 2014 product line—which will offer some refinements to existing lines as well as new products.”

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