Powderhook, a free web and mobile service designed to connect hunters and anglers with places to hunt and fish, is growing at a rapid rate. With new hunting and fishing listings being added daily, Powderhook is connecting hunters and anglers with places to enjoy their passion. A one-stop marketplace to find any and all places public, private, paid, and free, the Powderhook “Access for All” mission is becoming reality.

“This is all about making it easier for people to experience the outdoors,” said Eric Dinger, Powderhook CEO. “A lot of what we’re doing is a grassroots effort. We need hunters and anglers to help us improve what we are doing. I grew this idea from a personal experience. Growing up in Redfield, South Dakota, I hunted and fished on my grandfather’s land near the Sand Lake Refuge. I left South Dakota for Minnesota to attend high school, and then moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, to attend college. The moment I left my grandfather’s land, it became very hard to find good places to hunt and fish. People use Airbnb, Expedia, VRBO, and other popular websites that connect them with places to stay while traveling; we are doing something similar in the hunting/fishing world.”

To find out more information about Powderhook, visit www.powderhook.com.