If you ask most bowhunters what they want to know more about, the answer often is broadheads. Broadheads are, after all, what cause the hemorrhaging that anchors our trophies to the earth, and few names in the broadhead world create excitement like Muzzy.

“The new Muzzy Trocar HB (Hybrid) broadhead is just a killer,” said Mike Nichalki of Hunter Communications. “The head is a hybrid, which worried me a little at the start, but it’s just so efficient. First, it just looks like a wicked, medieval weapon. Because the head offers a total of 2 5/8-inch cutting surface, the blood loss will be extreme. The hardcore fixed-blade guy gets a set of 1-inch cut fixed blades and the expandable guy gets a duo of 1 5/8-inch cut expandable blades. The fixed blades are offset and the ferrule is our traditional, proven Trocar solid steel.”

Aside from looking sexy and sweet, the Trocar HB is offered in 100-grain models sold in packs of three.

Rage fanatics came running to the Feradyne Outdoors Booth like moths to a flame. Why? Mention the name “Hypodermic” and Rage Nation comes running. New to the hypo line for 2016 is the Hypodermic +P. Featuring an exclusive hybrid tip and flies-like-a-dart one-piece steel ferrule, the Hypodermic +P produces a 1.5-inch cut.

The +P stands for increased penetration, and this comes from the swept-back blade design. The idea behind the swept blade design is reduced friction, which, of course, boosts penetration. Rage says the +P works well on larger game animals and for those pulling a lower poundage but wanting maximum penetration.