Nomad made waves at the ATA Show in 2015 as the new “it” player in the outdoor clothing market. This year they returned to ATA with an expanded line, built upon the research and knowledge of John Holschuh, the company’s Director of Product, and most importantly, information and feedback they actively sought from hunters—both the pros and everyday guys.

Out of that knowledge comes The Bastion. A jacket that can do almost everything. And for once, those words are not an overstatement.

At it’s core, The Bastion is a stretch waterproof jacket filled with Primaloft. A hunter wearing this will stay warm and dry while maintaining mobility. The innovative zipper design allows bowhunters free range of motion during the draw cycle. This characteristic also allows for more pockets. Who doesn’t like pockets?! As Holschuh says, the Bastion is ‘the cargo pant of jackets.’

More than one hunter on the floor, who was lucky enough to try one out this season, made it clear the Bastion is the one jacket they keep in the truck for all conditions. Oh, and with the pockets, heck, you might not even need a pack.

Check out the new Bastion.