Nine years ago, Rage revolutionized mechanical broadheads with the introduction of SlipCam Technology. For nearly a decade, bowhunters have relied on that classic Rage design to effectively bring down countless game animals.

For 2015, one of the most exciting new products from Rage is the 2-Blade SC. That “SC” stands for the Shock Collar that has replaced the O-ring. That eliminates problems with the O-ring coming off during spot-and-stalk hunts, making the Rage more reliable than ever.

In addition, the ferrule has been redesigned. The aluminum-alloy ferrule features a taper like the ferrule of the X-treme. This provides for increased penetration.

Like its predecessor, the 2-Blade Rage SC features a 2-inch cutting diameter with leading-edge design. The .75-inch in-flight diameter makes for exceptional accuracy. A new manufacturing process ensures that the blades are incredibly sharp right out of the package.

There are, of course, a number of other new products from Rage this year, including the bright orange Rage X-treme Crossbow broadhead, which features a swept back blade angle that ensures deeper penetration. The longer blades and massive 2.3-incg cutting diameter causes ridiculous amounts of tissue damage for faster kills and bigger blood trails.

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