If there’s one thing bowhunters obsess about it’s scent control, and there are lots of products out there that claim to cut down on the stink and help bowhunters get closer to their wary prey.

Most hunters use scent control clothing and detergents that claim to cut down on human smells. But Scent Crusher is taking a different approach, using the science of the atmosphere to literally knock out the smells on a molecular level.

The company is now offering broad line of products that use o-zone generators to de-stinkafie clothes and gear. Scent Crusher’s flagship Gear Bag uses its shoe box-sized o-zone generator to remove odors from clothes zipped into the bag.

“I could take that vest you’re wearing after sitting around a campfire, throw it in the gear bag, and after 30 minutes you wouldn’t be able to smell the smoke on it at all,” says a Scent Crusher rep. “The generator lasts 20 years and can remove any smells.”

But Scent Crusher didn’t stop there. They’ve also developed the O-Zone Go, a miniature o-zone generator that plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet of a vehicle that can remove those early morning smells of breakfast and coffee on the way to your hunt.


They’ve also developed the Game Clean faucet attachment that dispenses o-zone impregnated water to help preserve game and fish a bowhunter throws in the freezer. And as if that wasn’t enough, Scent Crusher has also designed a system that attaches directly to a washing machine that will inject o-zone water into the clothing cleaning process, making scent-free detergents unnecessary, Scent Crusher reps say.


And as if that wasn’t enough, Scent Crusher also offers the Hunter’s Closet, a portable storage solution for long-term hunts r at-home storage.

The Hunter’s Closet runs around $299; the Gear Bag comes in at $199; the Game Clean attachment carries a price of $79 and the Ozone Go retails for $49.