Camouflage powerhouse, Mossy Oak, made a loud statement to start the 2015 ATA Show. It’s new pattern, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, left standing room only around booth #4721.  

General Manager of 3D Fluid Graphics for Mossy Oak, Pat Epling, was thrilled with how the pattern came to life.

“When designing this pattern we really focused on true-life elements. When you look at the pattern and compare it to any of the patterns we’ve done in the past, you will notice life-sized elements in it. This makes the pattern a more true-to-life nature pattern, and allows the effectiveness of the shadows to take over. Even at a distance you have a separation of the elements because they are so large.”

Keeping the popular Break-Up branding, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country is sure to stand out on dealers shelves, but keep you hidden in the woods this season.

“Our original Break-Up pattern was designed to do exactly what the name implies. Country will build the Break-Up name because it will distort  your outline in the woods. It’s just a great pattern and we expect a lot from it.”

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