At Grand View Outdoors, we’re always on the lookout for new technology that will make hunters more effective in the woods and help get shooters where they need to go with stealth and ease.

This year Hawk treestands has taken aim at the deep-woods archery set with its new Warbird Lite climbing stand. This bad boy features a generous platform, a lightweight webbing seat a la ‘Ole Man and an oversized aluminum construction that builds a stand that weighs in at only 18.5 pounds.

The cool thing about the Warbird Lite is that it compresses down to a flat package for the walk-in and out, so you can be as stealthy as a cat when you’re finding that perfect tree. The Warbird Lite also features Hawk’s Auto Latch system that makes it easier to get just the right tension on the tree with diameters as little as 8 inches or as much at 20 inches. You can even level the stand while you’re in the tree if you misjudged the size on that cold dark morning.

With all this technology and lightweight packed into a climber, you’d think the Warbird Lite would cost an arm and a leg — think again. At an MSRP of $269, the stealthy stand is well within reach of any hardcore hunter.