Bearpaw products has some cool new targets that’ll appeal to archery shooters who want to hone their skills with a variety of tough to hit marks.

Imported to the United States from Bavaria, the Longlife 3D targets are made from a special mix of super durable PU plastic that’ll easily allow the arrow to go in deep but still make for an easy extraction — even with broadheads, says Bearpaw’s Henry Bodnick.

The targets have a fairly hard plastic shell that keeps the elements out and extends their life to hundreds of shots.

Bodnick explained that 3-D ranges with a variety of target animals are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S., so Bearpaw has expanded its line to include sitting and standing rats, meerkats, ducks and badgers.

“We found that people want to spend $50 to $100 on 3-D animal targets that they can use to build a range in their backyard,” Bodnick says. “The Longlife targets last a long time, are affordable and fun to shoot.”

Available through Kustom King Archery in the U.S, the most popular Bearpaw Longlife 3-D targets are priced between $50 and $75.