The seventh annual Bowhunting Roundtable was held in Barry, Illinois, on May 12-14, 2014. The event featured writers and manufacturers who gathered for three days of product discussion and testing; of course, members of team Bowhunting World and Archery Business were on the scene to keep you abreast of all the exciting new-gear offerings.

Cajun Bowfishing’s Sucker Punch tips the scales at 3.2 pounds, boasts a 7.25-inch brace height, and measures 32.25-inches axle to axle. With a peak draw weight of 50 pounds and draw length adjustable from 17 to 31 inches, this rig fits most any archer looking to skewer a few fish. Designed to be light and durable, the Sucker Punch is equipped with a Fishing Biscuit Arrow Rest, Cajun Hybrid Bowfishing Reel, Cajun Blister Buster Finger Pads, and a pair of White Fiberglass Piranha Arrows.