Waltons_Sausage-Making.jpgYour one-stop shop for all things meat processing, Walton’s offers a wealth of options for sausage making enthusiasts.

Walton’s sausage stuffers are easy to use and offer a wide variety of benefits. Now easily fill poly meat bags or stuff casings in your own home.

Walton’s fresh sausage seasonings include some of the best Andouille, Cajun and chorizo seasonings available, as well options for bratwurst seasonings, pork sausage seasonings and breakfast sausage seasonings.

We stock a wide variety of fibrous sausage casings, collagen sausage casings, natural hog casings, cotton roast netting, and other cotton and poly nettings. We stock all the standard edible and inedible sausage casings. We have the sausage casings you need, no matter what kind of sausage making you are involved in.