Velocity_Armageddon.jpgHeading up the family of crossbows from Velocity Archery is the Armageddon compound. Priced at $540, the package includes the bow and a whole bunch of accessories: a 4-bolt quiver, 3 Velocity Inflix 20-inch carbon bolts with 125-grain field points, a padded sling, a 4x32mm red/green dot scope with rings, dual string stops or bumpers, rail lube (reapplication recommended every 5-10 shots) and a cocking rope to insure complete and accurate loading of the bolt into the receiver. The quiver and arrows mount parallel to the limbs.

The 175-pound Armageddon is finished in non-reflective “combat black” with dramatic red accents. It is rated to 350 fps and delivers 111 foot-pounds of Kinetic Energy—plenty of wallop for an arrow to bring down all legal North American big game.


  • Total length: 35”
  • Total width: 23.5”
  • Total weight: 7.8 lbs.
  • Power stroke: 14.5”
  • Trigger pull: 4 lbs.