KnightHale_FlightControl.jpgKnight and Hale Game Calls introduces the all-new Flight Control Duck Call series, designed to meet every waterfowler’s calling needs. This duo is sure to have those big northern mallards slamming on the breaks when they hear the sweet sound of Knight and Hale’s Flight Control Series.

The Flight Control Series consists of a single and double reed call, covering all the bases when in the duck blind. The Flight Control single reed call is ideal for letting out rasping duck sounds across a wide range of volumes. Its partner in crime, the double reed call, fits the bill when blowing a more mellow sound at a lower volume range. This call is perfect for flooded timber situations or putting the final touches on an already interested flock of greenheads.

Be in control this fall by joining the Knight and Hale family with the all-new Flight Control Duck Call Series. A pair of calls capable of fooling the smartest birds in the sky.

MSRP: $9.99