The CMR4 is truly the next generation of tactical scope technology, loaded with advanced design features that truly put it in a class all of its own. It’s built with the same rugged 30mm one-piece high tensile strength aluminum tube, with the same 1-4x magnification range and 24mm objective lens as the first generation CMR. While the lenses of all Hi-Lux Optics scopes feature fully multi-coated air surfaces for optimum light transmission, clarity and sharp target image, we’ve gone all out to use the best lenses available today in the CMR4.

Many tactical shooters shared that they wanted the windage adjustment moved to the left side, and that’s exactly where you’ll find it on the CMR4. It allows the right-handed shooter to make windage adjustment without taking the scope off of the target. Both the windage and elevation turrets feature our “ZRO-LOK” System, which locks windage and elevation alignment in place while still allowing minor adjustments to be made in the field, then being able to return to exact zero. Tactical shooters across the country are now recognizing this system as the best available today. Each click of either turret gives 0.1 Mil adjustment, with 8 Mils per full turn. The CMR4 also comes with protective screw on aluminum turret caps.

The all-new and advanced illuminated reticle provides more information to the shooter for quickly assessing the range of an intended target, and to allow for the BDC up to 800 meters. The trajectory of 5.56mm (.223 Remington) or 7.62mm NATO (.308 Winchester) rifles will work well with the CMR4 reticle. In addition to the vertical BDC aiming points, the reticle also includes Mil scales on both the vertical and horizontal lines. Illumination comes in choice of red or green, plus the refined rheostat that allows easy adjustment of the lighted reticle intensity now includes three night vision settings.

Other features include Tri-Center spring tension for positive scope adjustment, Fast Focus eyepiece, and Perma-Coat soft luster blue-black finish for long-lasting good looks. The CMR4 comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  1. Glass Etched BDC Reticle– Glass etched reticle allows for more intricate design. Designed specifically for standard 5.56mm (.223 Remington) & 7.62mm NATO (.308 Winchester) service ammo up to 600 meters.
  2. Illuminated Reticle – Illuminated circle and center dot allow for quicker target acquisition; available in green or red illumination.
  3. MRad Adjustment – One click is 0.1 MRad adjustment.
  4. Left side Windage Adjustment – Windage turret is on the left side to avoid getting in the way of the bolting mechanism.
  5. Turret Covers – Covers over the windage and elevation turrets provide another level of protection for ensuring positioning of erector unit stays uniform.
  6. Multi-Coated Lenses – All exterior air-glass lenses are treated with DiamondTuff14™ to ensure optimal light transmission for more visibility in low light situations.
  7. Nitrogen Gas Purged – All scopes are purged with nitrogen gas to ensure they remain fogproof for wide range of temperatures.
  8. Waterproof – Rubber O-ring prevents moisture, dust and debris particles from penetrating the scope.
  9. Second Focal Plane – The reticle stays the same size even when adjusting the magnification of the scope. Allows operator to easily estimate range.
  10. Perma-Coat – Soft-luster blue-black finish coat is applied to the body of the scope. Ensures coat is wear resistant and protects exterior from scratches.
  11. “ZRO-LOK” System – Allows the scope’s alignment to be locked in place once the scope is sighted in. Once locked in, this system offers minimal adjustment for slight tweaking of shot placement.
  12. Tri-Center Spring Tension – Offers more accurate adjustment tracking for windage and elevation.
  13. One piece Aluminum Tube – Single piece scope construction allows for optimal waterproofing and tensile strength design.