October 31st means different things for different people, but for most it means candy and costumes. At SABRE, it also signifies the end of National Crime Prevention Month. Today we’re sharing tips from the National Crime Prevention Council that will help keep you and your family safe this Halloween.

To Keep Your Kids Safe While Out Trick-Or-Treating:

  • Older kids should trick-or-treat in groups – it’s always safer, especially at night.
  • Younger children should be accompanied by a parent or trusted neighbor.
  • Review the route for trick-or-treating beforehand and set a time for when kids should be home. Better yet? Have a plan in case your child gets separated from their friends, or from you.
  • Remind your children not to enter strange houses or cars.

To Make Sure You and Your Home Stays Safe During Halloween:

  • Clear your yard and your sidewalk of any obstacles or decorations that may be hard to see in the dark.
  • Keep your house well lighted, both inside and out.
  • Ask your Neighborhood watch or local citizen’s group to patrol your community.
  • Report any suspicious or criminal activity to your police or sheriff’s department.

Another way to help keep your home protected if you’re out trick-or-treating or sleeping – invest in a basic home security system. SABRE’s wireless and standalone alarms are cost effective, and will alert you, neighbors, and most importantly the intruder that someone is trying to enter your home who shouldn’t be. Check out our home series products on our website.

Remember – Safe is Smart!