Trauma-2-blade-cropped.jpgDead Ringers Trauma broadhead offers a unique adjustability, toughness and gaping wound channels for devastation beyond belief, all in one complete broadhead package.

The Trauma is the only patented system that allows you to adjust blade width from 2.5” to an industry first of 3-1/8” by changing the position of the set screw. This will give you a gaping wound channel not seen in any other broad head.

The hand-sharpened 32/1000’s stainless spring steel blades are the toughest in the industry, and tested to 185,000 ft. lbs of shear strength. Partnered with the T-6 aluminum ferrule and stainless, bone shattering chisel tip, you can be assured that your hunting confidence will never be higher. These monsters have been field tested at 400 fps without deploying in flight.

Trauma Broadheads are designed to be compatible with all bows and crossbows. If your setup calls for 125 grain or you are using a crossbow, this is the only broadhead you will ever need.

For devastation beyond belief, use Trauma Broadheads.