JaysHydrographics_Rifle.jpgHydrographics, also called hydrocoating and hydrodipping, is a recent technological breakthrough that lets Jay’s Shop give a unique finish to nearly any surface.

For example, we can make a set of wheels look like carbon fiber, or give plastic a wooden finish. Jay’s Shop features more than 1,000 different designs that we can apply to surfaces including wood, plastic, steel and aluminum. And our hydrographics aren’t just for cars.

You can give anything, from handguns to golf carts, a new finish that looks like it just came from an expensive airbrushing shop – at a fraction of the price. Jay’s Shop operates a 9-foot hydrodipping tank that can fit objects as large as a car bumper. Our tank can also fit multiple items, as long as the same finish is applied. Our fair and honest rates vary depending on the size and number of objects, and the finish you select.

  • More than 1,000 Designs
  • Amazing Finishes
  • Affordable Value
  • All Types of Applications
  • Multiple Items at Once