CarboSoap-cropped.jpgCarboMask Laboratories believes that its latest product – CarboSoap™ – is the highest performance hunter’s soap on the market today due to its activated charcoal, baking soda, diatomaceous earth and high glycerine content.

CarboSoap is a pro-shop only product that’s unique because in addition to being scent-free and cleaning effectively, it also adsorbs odors with activated charcoal and baking soda and has mild dermabrasive elements which exfoliate dead skin cells.  “This exfoliation is significant because it reduces a primary bacteria food source (the outermost layer of dead skin) and also the associated human “dander” which would otherwise be left on the trail. Human dander is what bloodhounds follow and what game knows to avoid,” states Andrew Spence of Carbomask Laboratories.

Spence added that “CarboSoap’shigh glycerine content also promotes skin health, which further reduces any human “dander” trail. All of the features of CarboSoap make it the best start hunters can possibly give to an effective scent control regimen.”

CarboSoap™ high performance hunting soap is proudly made in the USA.