CarboMask-Cropped.jpgCARBOMASK®Premium Performance Facepaint is an important piece of gear for the hunters who want to use something other than a mask to cover their faces.

CARBOMASK® Facepaint is a pro-shop only item that utilizes activated charcoal and natural clays to create an oil-free, grease-free facepaint that adsorbs scent, goes on easily, stays on well (a wearer can sweat through it) and wipes off easily after being moistened with water for 5 to 10 seconds.

“Unlike oil-based or grease-based face paints, CARBOMASK premium performance face paint dries and becomes a non-slippery surface, has no glare whatsoever, won’t clog pores or cause breakouts and actually feels comfortable, not like lipstick that has been smeared on one’s face,” states Andrew Spence of CarboMask Laboratories.

The Company recently came out with new packaging to reflect its product philosophy. Spence added, “This is gear, not make-up, and we believe our new paracord-lanyard packaging reflects the functionality of our product.”

CARBOMASK® premium performance face paint is available in 1.5oz singles ($6.99) or three 1oz. packs ($11.99). Proudly made in the USA.