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Bow Report: Bear LS-6

With the LS-6, Bear provides an option for those shooters who like a bow that is comfortable to shoot, but appreciate the feel and the advantages to be offered by a truly high-performance bow.

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Bow Report: Bowtech Carbon Icon

Shooters who want the lightweight, warmth, rigidity and other advantages of a carbon-riser bow, along with the cutting-edge technology and design features that have made Bowtech a major player in the industry, will find the Carbon Icon a great bow and great value.

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Bow Report: Mathews Monster Wake

Few bows generate the controversy that Mathews’ new Monster Wake has stirred. The combination of a $1,700 price tag, a trend-defying mass weight of 5.38 pounds, a 5-inch brace height and an IBO of 352 fps at 85 percent letoff gets a lot of attention. How did the bow perform for this tester? Read on to find out.