Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance sports optics, recently introduced the industry’s first premium crossbow scope with patented ballistic reticle. The newest addition to the TERRA 3x line, the XB75 2-7×32 offers crossbow enthusiasts the ability to determine aiming points from 20 to 75 yards in 2.5-yard increments based on chronographed arrow speed.

The TERRA XB75 features a lightweight, rugged, compact 1-inch design with anti-reflective coatings that produce bright, high-contrast images eliminating the need for an illuminated reticle.

“Finally an optical device that has caught up to high-tech crossbows,” stated Mike Jensen, president of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics.

The scope has six separate crosshairs. The main cross-section of each crosshair represents whole yardages (20 to 70 yards).  A dot between each set of crosshairs represents half-yardage marks. The top and bottom of each individual crosshair represents the 2.5-yard marks. The top of the reticle wire protruding from the bottom of the reticle is the 75-yard mark.

The scope’s ocular ring features engravings representing arrow speeds from 275 fps to 425 fps and magnification from 2x to 7x. Once the 20-yard reticle is sighted in, turn the speed indicator on the ocular to the manufacturer’s advertised speed. Next, move the target to 30 yards and sight in using the 30-yard reticle (second crosshair from the top).  When the 30-yard crosshair is sighted in, the scope is calibrated and all of the other aiming points will be correct. (Crossbows with arrow speeds over 425 fps and using a lighter arrow combination may require a main crosswire sight-in point of 30 yards instead of the normal 20 yards.) The owner’s manual includes more detailed setup instructions.

The TERRA XB75 is backed by the Carl Zeiss U.S. Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty. Suggested MSRP is $444.43.

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