After letting our fertilizer work its magic for just over a month, my bowhunting partner Jason Weaver and I decided it was time to sow some seed. Being our focus was on a small kill plot located on the north end of the property, we didn’t need much in terms of equipment. Operating on a budget, we used a donated ferrule implement, some chain, a piece of chain-link fence, and a hand operated seed spreader.

Once we had the dirt worked and throngs of 3/16-inch deep ferrules running across the plot, I started spreading Evolved Harvest’s 7 Card Stud ($40). An adaptive fall food plot blend, 7 Card Stud contains triticale, oats, winter peas, clover, chicory, turnip, and radish. Yep, everything a healthy deer herd needs.

Following the planting guidelines and seed distribution rate on the back of the bag, we had the plot seeded in minutes. While I prepared the water source, Jason drug a piece of chain-link fence over the top of the plot to bury the seed at the appropriate depth.

To finish the job we pumped 750 gallons of water through our make-shift water system which includes a tank, pump, garden hoses, and a pair of sprinklers. After the seeds got a good soak, we erected a quick barbed-wire fence to keep deer and other animals off the plot. Now it’s time to pray for rain!

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