Unique Hunting Gift — The Turkey Beard Harness

Have a turkey hunter on your shopping list and don’t know what to buy? The Turkey Beard Harness just might be the perfect hunting gift.
Unique Hunting Gift — The Turkey Beard Harness

hunting giftLike many of you reading this article, I love turkey hunting. And through the years, I’ve collected my fair share of turkey fans and beards. My walls have enough fans on display that I either give away the fans of newly killed birds, or save them for decoys. Truth be told, I’ve never found a display for the beards that I really liked — until now.

Check out the Turkey Beard Harnesses and other clever display systems made by Alex Konkle, owner of a company called Wooden Whitetail. In my opinion, any of these items would make terrific hunting gifts.

Shown to the right is a Turkey Beard Harness that enables you to display up to seven turkey beards. A 21-beard harness is also available for turkey slayers who have a bunch of beards stockpiled.

Alex offers systems for handing beards horizontally, too, as shown in the Turkey Beard Hanger below. Beard Hangers are available in 4-, 10- or 20-packs. (Note: nails and boards are not included.)hunting gift


hunting giftIn addition to making and selling displays for turkey beards, Alex found an innovative way to showcase shed antlers. As you can see to the left, the Horn Harness creates an attractive wall display with either seven or four sheds.

“As an avid hunter, I am always looking for unique and innovative ways to display my success in the field,” Alex wrote on his website. “Whether it is harvesting a hard-earned trophy whitetail, holding up the fan of a gobbler I've been after all morning, or even just a day out with the dog finding a shed, it’s something I live for. I started Wooden Whitetail to provide other hardworking, passionate hunters with innovative and unique taxidermy display products proudly made in the USA.”

For more information, visit www.woodenwhitetail.com.


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