November 4, 2015
Location: Southeast Colorado
Time: 4:34 P.M.
Wind: SSE 24 – 34 MPH
Temperature: 74 Degrees Fahrenheit
Moon: Waning Crescent
Pressure: 29.63 – Climbing

My Colorado archery season reopened today, and despite feeling like I was on a roller coaster ride in the elm I was perched in, it was great to be out for my first November sit.

My Moultrie M-880i Gen 2 has picked up one big 8-point, but he has been showing himself only during the middle of the night. My hope was the high-pressure system would get him up and moving earlier in the evening. To this point only a few smaller bucks have been making regular daytime appearances.

Being my set is on a semi-open, very rubbed up waterway, I opted to go with my one-horn Flambeau decoy. I mean, is there anything better than seeing a bristled-up November stud come to your fake?

My other reason for the decoy is the fact that the chopped path along the waterway is very visible for a long distance. Bucks passing up to 200 yards to the north and south could easily pick him up.

The bad news: My buck didn’t show, but I did spy a small 7-point chasing a doe across an open field about 300 yards from my position.

Be sure to check back daily for my updates, photos and videos as the magical month of November unfolds.