Before I get ahead of myself and start rambling about my Texas adventure, let me first pass along a very heartfelt “thank you” to those of you that followed my November blog. The outpouring of emails was much appreciated, and I look forward to starting this process over in the spring when turkey season arrives.

I’m not sure I could have dreamed up a more storybook ending to my November season. I started my quest back on November 4 – you remember that first blog – with a Flambeau buck decoy set up along a waterway. Gosh, it seems like eons ago.  I didn’t get much sleep this month (when I wasn’t hunting I was typing away on my computer like a madman), but I wouldn’t trade my November days afield for all the tea in China. The month was, in a word, epic.

I can’t and don’t want to add up the amount of hours I sat perched above the November ground in Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas, but I will say that those hours added up to a very successful month. In total, eight deer and a turkey hit the ground. For all you concerned citizens out there (yes, I got your emails and tweets), I have plenty of room in my freezer and multiple mouths to feed. Not one single ounce of game meat goes to waste in the Bauserman household. Plus, I made the choice to donate a couple of those deer to local families in need.

Now for the best part: I don’t give a rip about how many deer I harvested or how big they were. All that matters to me – what makes my heart happy – is I hunted as long and hard as I possibly could. I never quit on a hunt, and I made nine good shots. I lived up to no one’s goals but my own, and I couldn’t be happier with how things shook out.

I feel like the word “blessed” gets tossed around loosely in the hunting world, but I can’t think of a better adjective to describe how I feel about my deer season. I’m so humbled and happy to have the opportunity to take to the deer woods as much as I do, to do my part as an outdoorsman to keep the wonderful sport of bowhunting alive, to pass along my adventures through the written word. I hope all of you had a wonderful season as well, and all your bowhunting dreams came true. Until my blog in the spring, God Bless and happy hunting!

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