November 13, 2015

Location: Western Oklahoma

Time: 3:01 p.p.

Wind: 15-17 mph S

Temperature: 62 degrees Fahrenheit

Moon: Waxing crescent

Pressure: 30.23 – Holding

Made it to the Sooner State in time to jump in a stand. The weather is a little warm and the rut, at least in this part of the country, is just starting to kick.

According to my good friend and owner of Croton Creek Outfitters Scott Sanderford, the buck activity is just starting to heat up.

“I haven’t seen much if any serious chasing,” Sanderford said upon my arrival. This comes from a man who has been living, bowhunting and guiding in this area of Oklahoma for a very long time.

Hunting only a single buck is always a risk, especially for me because I tend to be a little trigger happy, but that’s the plan for this trip. Scott has sent me pictures of this deer — a super-heavy, tall and absolutely beautiful 8-point. If you know anything about me, you know I could care less about score, but for those who will ask, this buck will go over 130 inches as an 8-point. The Ozonics is running and the Bear Escape is ready to roll. Keep you all posted!

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