November 11, 2015
Location: Southeast Colorado
Time: 8 A.M.
Wind: 30 MPH Gusting To 35 MPH NNW
Temperature: 31 Degrees/Falling
Moon: New Moon
Pressure: 29.76 Holding

Note: Each of these blogs are typed and prepared in the field in real time on an iPhone. Mistakes are inevitable.

With a doe tag in my pocket and the rut in full swing, I opted to jump in a tree for a brief hour this morning, and an hour was all I made it. Stiff northwest winds howled and gusts pushed upwards of 35 mph. The small elm tree I was perched in simply wasn’t safe, and rather than push a bad situation, I opted to inch down and out of my treestand using my Hunter Safety System vest and Lifeline. If I still had a Colorado buck tag in my pocket, I would have headed directly to my ground blind. It’s my belief that too many hunters bail out in super windy conditions. The deer still move.

I didn’t spy a single deer this morning from my perch, but the power of the rut is an amazing thing. Despite ultra-windy conditions, my (now must-have in my deer arsenal) Spartan Game Camera picked up an awesome cruising buck – a buck my buddy and I have been after all season. This camera delivered the image attached in this article to my iPhone at 6:38 a.m. this morning. Yes, I know the date is wrong, but the last time I put batteries in the camera I messed up the date, and with all the deer activity in the area, I didn’t want to go back in and disturb anything. That’s the beauty of these send-images-to-your phone cameras, you can monitor an area without ever disturbing it. Awesome.

Just a note: I will be looking to fill my freezer with a fat doe in the coming days, but I will also be headed to Oklahoma later in the week and then to the Lone Star State at the end of the month. This blog will continue to be updated each and every day throughout the month of November. Stay with me and enjoy.

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