November 7, 2015
Location: Southeast Colorado
Time: 3:24 P.M.
Wind: ESE 12 – 14 MPH
Temperature: 28 Degrees Fahrenheit (Morning)/52 Degrees Fahrenheit (Evening)
Moon: Waning Crescent
Pressure: 30.28 – Rising (Reached 30.41 During The Midday)

Note: Each of these blogs are typed and prepared in the filed in real time on an iPhone. Mistakes are inevitable.

Finally got a solid freeze, and with the pressure rising, I figured my morning sit would be full of action. Situated back in one of my favorite spots between two known doe bedding areas, I watched the sun tease the woods to life.

It was 6:12 a.m. when I heard it – a distinct grunt followed by the sound of horns raking brush. Through my Meopta binoculars I could see the top of a small sapling shaking violently. Minutes late, a doe came down the trail and popped into view right below my stand. It was game on. I just knew the buck was going to follow. Like a statue she stood – the air around her raining gold. Yes, the cold freeze combined with the stiff breeze was dislodging thousands of vibrant cottonwood leaves. It was beautiful. The doe kept looking behind her, but he never came. Instead, he kept on raking his tree as she circled back in the woods toward him. I grunted. I snort-wheezed. Nothing.

That, sadly, was my morning. Ten minutes of total excitement followed by a peanut butter sandwich, some of kids’ Halloween candy and some Wilderness Athlete Hydrate & Recover mix.

I switched stand locations for the evening hunt. No particular reason, I just needed a change of scenery, and though the camera perched in this location wasn’t showing much activity, I just had to go try it. The set is ideal: a river 50 yards to the west, a big opening 50 yards to the east, and I’m situated in a narrow pinch of cover. It’s been good in the past.

I saw my first cruiser at 3 p.m. – a little eight point grunting and jogging along – awesome. At 4 p.m., after a few turkeys cruised through the large opening to the east, a doe popped into view. She was calm. She wasn’t being chased. She simply waltzed through the timber without a care in the world, and that ended my evening.

Going to check cameras tomorrow.

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