November 6, 2015
Location: Southeast Colorado
Time: 9:50 A.M.
Wind: Everywhere
Temperature: 38 Degrees Fahrenheit
Moon: Waning Crescent Overhead
Pressure: 30.18 Rising

Ozonics HR200 saves Jace's location several times.

Ozonics HR200 saves Jace’s location several times.

Felt like all the stars were aligning this morning — the pressure was above 30 and the moon was rising — but the movement has been super slow. Had a pair of button bucks walk under my stand at 7:45 a.m., but zero since.

Chose a new stand this morning — a stand that sets up perfectly for a SSE wind and is located in a pinch point between two blocks of timber. Have gotten numerous photos in this area of several shooter bucks.

The wind, which was predicted to be steady out of the SSE, has changed direction 13 times since I’ve been in the stand. My only saving grace to that is my Ozonics HR200. Both of the button bucks came directly downwind of my position.

Going to sit until 11:30 and then call it a morning.

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