November 30, 2015
Location: Texas Hill Country
Time: 9:35 A.M.
Wind: 0-5 MPH SSE
Temperature: 48 Degrees Fahrenheit
Moon: Waning Gibbous
Pressure: 29.35 Falling

Shortly after penning my November 29 blog from the stand yesterday evening, it happened. A tan, almost orangish hide painted with vibrant white dots and dashes appeared in the brush. I knew it was an axis, but the question remained: Buck or doe?

As luck would have it, it was a doe and she was coming down the trail I was perched above — a trail in a pinch point along a pond edge. I was so focused on her, I didn’t see the buck bringing up the rear. The big boy spied movement, barked, and the pair hustled away.

Another hour trickled by and I caught movement again. Only this time it was a quintet of axis ladies and they were coming around the corner of the pond. I was already holding my Elite Impulse 31 and my Scott Hex release was clipped on. Threaded perfectly into the end of my Maxima BLU arrow was Wac ‘Em‘s new 100-grain 2-Blade Expandable.

The doe was a mere 14 yards when I let my arrow loose. She ducked a tad at the shot, but the severe downward angle dropped the arrow out the bottom of her chest. She took a couple steps and fell over. Death took place in less than 10 seconds. It was an awesome night in the Texas Hill Country.

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