It was a dicey four hour drive from my home in La Junta, Colorado, to the Denver International Airport, but I arrived safely, and, at least for the moment, my flight to San Antonio is on time. For the record, I hate airports, but sitting here typing this blog I feel like a kid in a candy story. I love bowhunting white-tailed deer in the rut, and according to David Langston of Wac ‘Em Broadheads, the rut in south Texas is cranking. I will gladly make a slip-and-slide trip to the airport when a hunt is on the line. This will be the final chapter of what has been the best season of my life. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

My mission for this hunt: First and foremost, as is my goal with each and every hunt, I plan to focus on having fun. Second, I will be hooking up with my friend and President/Owner of Wac ‘Em, Mike Stroff. Most of you have probably heard of Mike. He is one heck of a hunter and hosts the uber-popular television series Savage Outdoors. I will be visiting with Mike about Wac ‘Em and the release of the manufacturers sure-to-be-cheered Wac ‘Em Expandable. The hope is to test out this 100-grain 3-blade head on a rutting Texas buck. The Wac’ Em Expandable is constructed from premium 7075 aluminum, features .034-inch stainless steel blades and boasts a 2-inch cutting diameter.

I will keep you all posted.

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