November 15, 2015
Location: Western Oklahoma
Time: 3:35 P.M.
Wind: 26-30 MPH SSE
Temperature: 48 Degrees Fahrenheit
Moon: Waxing Crescent
Pressure: 29.97 Falling

I opted to return to the same stand that I hunted on the evening of November 14. I wanted to give my buck a little more time to forget about me.

The morning started out with a stiff South wind — wind that carried the scent of rain. A few drops fell, but nothing heavy. I didn’t see my first deer, a young 5-point buck until 8:40 a.m. The little scrapper came to investigate the rattling sequence I’d produced about five minutes earlier with my Flextone Black Rack. A short time later a few does and fawns passed under me and that was my morning.

Walking back to the truck I spotted a group of fall turkeys and just couldn’t help myself. Yep, time to stalk a fall bird.

Turkey-bowThey’re not easy spot-and-stalk targets due to their incredible eye sight, my stalk took a good bit of time, but patience and persistence as they often do, paid off. I was able to send an Easton Full Metal Jacket 6 MM tipped with a Swhacker broadhead through the bird. I love bowhunting.

This evening I opted to change stand locations completely. Yes, I wanted to hunt my big eight, but I didn’t think another big whiff of my human “stink” would be a good call. The wind was predicted to change more out of the east, and even now as I type this I can feel it shifting that way. No good for the big right stand.

This evening I propped up in a double set with my good buddy Scott overlooking a hidden wheat field. So far a half-dozen does and about 30 turkeys have come into the plot. Always wanted to hunt over a secluded little green field.

Back after the eight in the morning if the wind shifts as predicted.

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