As fall seasons approach, many of us are checking off gear lists in preparation for a long-awaited, out-of-state bowhunting junket. Whether you’ll be flying—or driving in a packed vehicle—your arrows will need maximum protection. In just a few minutes, and for about the cost of one or two of today’s high-tech arrows, you can build yourself an arrow tube that’ll be compact, bombproof, and travel-friendly. Although many of today’s hard-sided bow cases include space for arrows, a fully packed case can be expected to hold and protect no more than a half-dozen or so. No one I know goes on a big hunt with so few arrows, and neither should you.

Start by giving your favorite home improvement megastore a visit, and check out their selection of PVC or ABS piping. A 4-inch diameter will allow you to easily pack 18 or more arrows without worry of fletching damage.

Although you can use PVC or ABS pipe for your tube, ABS is somewhat lighter, while still offering impressive strength. Most is sold in longer lengths; use a hack saw to cut your tube(s) to size.

Arrow Tube Assembly

Be sure to buy the right cement for the job (matching PVC tubing with PVC cement, ABS with ABS). Then, simply coat the outside ends of the tube with cement, and slide on both the end cap and screw-top cap. You’re done!