We at Archery Business and Bowhunting World get throngs of interesting emails: rumors, product buzzes, industry insights and the like. It's the rumors that always give us a good laugh. Most are fit for the National Enquirer, but recently one of these "rumor" emails popped up that merited a little more attention than a trip to the cyber trashcan.

Easton has been bringing quality products to the outdoor industry for decades, and when a new, fancy-to-do Easton product pops up on the scene, a buzz is instantly created. Typically, these buzzes come in the form of a press release or a massive product launch, but this time it was different, this time it was one of those typically discredited "rumor" emails. Why is this so interesting? Why have we not just ignored it and moved on? Because this one came complete with pictures, and pictures speak a thousand words.

Rumor has it a couple of Easton pro staffers were shooting some new, innovative arrows at a pro shop. All we can figure is that the "archery paparazzi" was lurking nearby, some photos were snapped and the rest is history. Best we can tell: These look to be some sort of X Series shaft with a Deep Six stainless steel RPS insert sporting a an NAP Deep Six Killzone broadhead.

Easton Deep Six FactoryA few days after receiving the images of these "secret" arrows, we received another that shows a number of these new shafts stacked and ready for final manufacturer prepping. This image leads us to believe that the release date of these new Easton beauties isn't far away.

You can be sure that we are staying on top of this, so be sure to check back here with us for the latest information. Let the buzz begin!