Quality Archery Designs has done it again. Now PSE fanatics can fit their rigs with a custom QAD rest designed specifically for PSE bows. The custom PSE Ultra-Rest boasts the accuracy improving, vibration-reducing and noise-squelching features of the now legendary QAD Ultra-Rest HDX. In addition, the new rest sports a number of custom features designed specifically for PSE bows. Engineered to boost fit, feel and performance, the PSE Ultra-Rest showcases PSE’s patented POSI-LOC technology. The PSE Ultra-Rest also promises a seamless fit perfected for PSE bow risers and is branded with a stylish PSE emblem that hides the mounting bolt.

Like all QAD rests, the PSE Ultra-Rest comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is made in the USA. That’s right, each and every QAD rest is assembled from start to finish by the hands of hard-working Americans – Americans who have helped build the company’s reputation as one of the leading arrow rest manufacturers in the industry.

Notable Features

• Total arrow containment – the arrow will never fall off

• Drop-away rest with total fletching clearance

• Lock-Down Technology guarantees no bounce back

• Shoots with launcher in 90-degree position

• Drops only when bow is fired, not when letting the bow down slowly

• Noise-reducing, laser-cut felt and rubber dampeners

• Tested at over 400 fps with total fletching clearance

• Also available in Black, Red or Mossy Oak™

• Available in right or left hand

• Made in the USA with a limited lifetime warranty

• Lower valley launcher for perfect berger button-hole alignment with no launcher/bow shelf contact

• Custom mounting block with PSE’s patented POSI-LOC technology (no set screw required)

• Graphic bolt cover(patent pending)

• Seamless fit to PSE risers

For more information, visit www.qadinc.com.