Tucson, AZ. – Precision Shooting Equipment, Inc. announced today that it will conduct a product recall on its 2013 TAC Elite, 2013 TAC Ordnance, and 2013 Enigma crossbows. This recall includes all TAC Elite and Enigma crossbows shipped from June 27, 2013 to October 31, 2013, and TAC Ordnance Crossbows manufactured from September 10, 2013 to October 25, 2013.

The recall is being initiated because the release mechanisms on these crossbows have been found to be out-of-specification,potentially leading to premature firing or accidental discharge as they reach full draw.

The following models are affected by this recall:

PSE TAC Elite (Shipped June 27, 2013 – Oct 31, 2013) SERIAL #: 2097056-2134901

PSE TAC Ordnance (Shipped Sept 10th, 2013 – Oct. 25, 2013) SERIAL #: 2121938-2133384

PSE Enigma Crossbow (Shipped June 27, 2013 – Oct 31, 2013)

PSE is asking customers to immediately stop the use of their 2013 TAC Elite, TAC Ordnance or Enigma crossbows, and to contact PSE for information regarding the return and repair of these items.

For fastest service, PSE is advising customers to visit www.tacseries.com/crossbow-recall/ and fill out the Return AuthorizationForm found on that page. If customers are having trouble with the form, they can contact PSE at 800-477-7789.

PSE values shooter safety above all else, and sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.