Matt McPherson, the gifted bow-building genius over at Mathews Inc. has delivered up four new bows for 2014.

It's an impressive stable that includes the Chill SDX dual cam bow aimed at women, the Chill X that offers ultimate versatility for those interested in both 3-D archery and bowhunting (both profiled elsewhere on this site), and the following two killers.   

Mathews Chill RChill R

One of the newest bows in Mathews’ Monster series of bows based on the DYAD AVS dual-cam system is the Chill R.

This is not just last year’s Chill with a few tweaks; The Chill R, with perimeter-weighted cams and a skinnier brace height of 61⁄8inches, is nearly 10 fps faster than the Chill at 342 fps. It’s also longer, at 33 inches axle to axle compared with the 30.5 inches of last year’s Chill. The now-familiar Geo Grid Lock Riser is unchanged, as is the Reverse Assist Roller Guard and the soft Focus Grip.

Draw lengths remain unchanged as well, starting at 23 inches and extending to 30 inches. Letoff is Mathews’ standard 80 percent, mass weight is 3.95 pounds, and draw weights are 50, 60, and 70 pounds. The DYAD AVS cams have a slightly more aggressive feel than single cams, but the pull back to peak weight is steady and there is no bump at breakover, making this a pleasant-shooting bow.

Finish options are Lost Camo, Desert Tactical (our favorite for this model), Black, Black Tactical, and Blue Ice, as well as some custom options at additional cost. The Chill R carries a retail price of $999.

Creed XS

Creed XSLast Year’s Creed was a hit. For 2014 Mathews has significantly shortened the new Creed XS to a very compact 28 inches, compared to 30 inches for the Creed, while simultaneously expanding the brace height from 7 to 71⁄2inches.

To achieve an even smoother and quieter shot, the Creed XS sacrifices 7 fps, going from 328 to 321 fps. Of course it features the Geo Grid Lock Riser, integrated harmonic dampeners, and Mathews’ trademark polished walnut grip. It also retains the Reverse Assist Roller Guide, the Dead End String Stop Lite, and several other features.

At 3.8 pounds it’s a tad lighter than the original, but some of the specs are identical including 80 percent letoff, 26 to 30 inches of draw length, and the 50-, 60-, and 70-pound peak draw weights. Finish options are the same as for the Chill R, as is the $999 retail price tag.