Location: Western Oklahoma
Temperature: 90-degrees and dropping
Wind: 12-15 mph from the WSW
Barometric Pressure: 29.80
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent 17 percent illumination 

I spent my morning shuffling members of the 2016 Croton Creek/Grandview Outdoors hunt around the red-soiled hills of Oklahoma. 

The good news is that every bowhunter saw deer, and most saw a few bucks. The bad news is that all of the bucks that showed themselves were small, and the two big boys that did appear did so just before legal light crept across the land. However, that’s typical of early October, and the cameras have been showing minimal morning buck movement. 

For my evening sit, I’ve elected to tuck inside a narrow shelter belt with a wheat field to my east. It’s a gorgeous spot, and even while I’m typing this post, I’m being serenaded by a few raspy hen turkeys. To my north is heavy bedding cover, and I’m hoping a big boy makes an appearance before the western sky swallows the sun. Temperatures aren’t ideal — hovering in the low 90s — but you just gotta take what Mother Nature gives you. Breaking up the monotony of this long hot sit is Scott Sanderford, who volunteered to join me and run the video camera. We hauled in a pair of Summit lock-on stands and settled in. 

Unfortunately, the warm temperatures held, and the wind got a tad swirly toward the evening’s end. We saw a few does and a single spike, but the big boys in the area must not have gotten the memo that we were trying to make one of them famous. The highlight of the evening was a bobcat that was harassing a flock of distant toms and jakes and eventually walked right under our stands. You have to take time to enjoy just being in the bowhunting woods and take in all that the Creator provides. 

Though I didn’t let an arrow fly at a buck, Bowhunting World Publisher Jared Pfeifer who was perched in a tree a few miles from me did drop the hammer on his Mathews Halon 6. His Victory arrow was true and so was the Rage. Jared was thrilled, and the buck, as you can tell from the photo, is unique. More to come!