A serious buzz, as it typically does, surrounded the Feradyne Outdoors booth on the ATA Show’s first morning. As retailers and media folk alike passed around a trio of bow risers, there was plenty of oohs and ahhs accompanying the “pass-the-riser please’ requests.

But, it wasn’t the riser that was getting the eyebrow raises. Rather, it was the sight attached to it.

The Define from IQ Bowsights is a five-pin laser rangefinder sight that is accurate out to 99 yards. Mounted in the corner of the sight’s housing is a small window, and when the Trigger Activated Yardage Scan is clicked on a blue LED is displayed. A second click provides the distance to the target. Pretty slick, huh?

The trigger, which is more of a button, is attached to the back of the bow’s grip, and natural grip pressure of the palm-swell area will activate it.

The sight boasts 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment, tool-free locking knobs and from everything I could see, promises headache-free setup. Dual-mounting quiver holes, bright .019-inch pins sporting four brightness settings and tool-free windage and elevation adjustments round out the features of this innovative new sight.

For more information, visit www.iqbowsights.com.